Academy of Driving Unipol should be your only choice when it comes to navigating Ontario’s graduating licencing system. Whether you are attempting to obtain your G1 ,G2 OR even full G licencing privileges – register with us, so that we may seamlessly guide you through the various steps.

A Graduated Licencing System

Ontario’s graduated licencing lets drivers build their skills through a three stage process. Drivers need to progress through G1, then G2, all the war to full G licence.

Learn with Unipol

After completing the G1 written test drivers should enroll with Unipol to reduce their G1 exit time from one full year to only eight months! As a bonus upon completion of the Unipol Beginners Driver Education Program drivers have a much greater chance of passing their G2 test. An additional bonus is to be able to qualify for a significant insurance discount. After one year of G2 driving students can also return for highway brush up lessons in order to obtain full G licence privileges. Truly a win – win situation! So for your G1, G2 or Full G driver’s Licence in Hamilton, Ancaster and Stoney Creek, choose Academy of Driving Unipol. Contact us today.