Academy of Driving Unipol should be your only choice when it comes to choosing a local Beginner Driver Education approved driving course provider. We have over 30,000 satisfied licensed, driving clients. It is easy to take the Driver training industry for granted, but this is a life skill that we are proud to pass on for the safety of the motoring public. At Unipol we do the job correctly the first time, so that in the future there are no close calls on the road. Teenagers, especially male teens are overrepresented in fatal car crashes. The first thing that must be taught is having the right attitude on our roadways. We focus on this, along with co-operative driving, to prevent carnage on our roads and highways.

Learn for Life

Some families may think that the licensing process stops with the acquiring of a G2 license, and totally neglect the second phase of full license privileges. This is also where Academy of Driving Unipol can be of tremendous help and survival skills. We strongly recommend taking specific highway lessons prior to your full G license test, so that we may correct any driving deficiencies a student may have. Come, be the best driver you can be to navigate the world of uncertainty. For all of your driving needs contact Academy of Driving Unipol.